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Building empathy demands active listening, sensitivity   These questions lead to the final driver of trust: logic
        to the perspectives of others, and willingness to help based   (knowledge). Many professions including financial
        on one’s understanding of the needs and feelings of others.   advisors, nurses, physicians, or Realtors® require
        What I have shared with my clients is empathy is the ability   continuing education units (CEUs).
        to recognize and understand the other person’s feelings or   In sales, knowledge is expected, however, ongoing
        perspective, the ability to recognize and understand one’s   required CEUs are not usually required. Gaining knowledge
        feelings or perspective, and the ability to manage both   remains the charge of sales professionasl or even small
        simultaneously.                                         business entrepreneurs. This is why some websites such as
           Empathy is very much like a song between two or have become
        individuals. The music originates from both parties as well   two of the go-to sources for sales professionals.
        as from the outside sources and may change speed to create   In 2015, the National Association of Realtors published
        a melody. One moment the melody is calm like a waltz and   a report entitled D.A.N.G.E.R. Report. The number one
        then the next it may be loud and fast like rock and roll. The   threat at the 100% threat level was the “Masses of Marginal
        changes are due to the emotions being expressed.        Agents Destroy Reputation.”
           Authenticity and logic follow empathy. There are many    Marginal was defined as part-time, untrained,
        synonyms for the word authentic. “Real” and “genuine” are   unethical, and/or incompetent. These knowledge gaps
        two of the better synonyms. The question to be answered is   created by these marginal agents produced a serious
        “How do others see you as being real or genuine?” In other   credibility threat.
        words, “Are you the real thing?”                          Logic or knowledge is not just related to external
           What makes you real is quite simple, Do what you say   knowledge about other industries, but knowledge about
        you are going to do? How many times do we hear a voice-  your own small business. In the book, The E-Myth, Michael
        mail message that includes, “your call is very important to   Gerber emphasized the difference between working “IN”
        me”? We leave a message and maybe two or three days later,   the business and “ON” the business.
        we receive a returned phone call.                         How much time is one working “ON” the business? By
           Yes, we are all busy. However, not returning phone calls   investing the time to work on one’s business, the results will
        or emails and/or doing what one says they are going to do,   reveal one’s ability to be authentic and will indicate some
        indicates a lack of self-leadership. If one cannot lead oneself,   of one’s “trust points.” Something to think about is what
        one cannot lead anyone else.                            would happen if one surveyed one’s clients and asked them,
           Maybe it is time to take a self-reflection exercise and ask   “Why did you buy from me?”
        yourself some often unasked questions. The first questions   The second question of turning trust into actual dollars
        one can ask are, Do I consistently do what I say I am going   returns to the first question asked as well as investigates
        to do?, How can I improve my self-leadership?, and/or What   one’s overall sales process and/or strategic plan. One should
        is my emotional intelligence?                           consider if he/she is working with qualified buyers. Also if
                                                                one is engaged in active follow-up beyond just checking-in? Is
                                                                one providing value in all interactions?, and Is one achieving
                            “                                   has ever identified and then tallied his/her trust points?       p p   Move-in ready spaces available with
                                                                your pre-determined goals within your strategic plan?
                                                                  Finally, in regards to trust, one should think if he/she
                                                                                                                                     flexible lease terms.
                                                                Consider creating a trust point self-evaluation. Statements
                                                                  • I return 100% of all calls within 24 hours.
               President Teddy Roosevelt was                    could include:                                                   p p   Proximity to several of Houston’s finest
                       quoted as saying                           • I actively listen 100% of the time.                              restaurants, hotels and neighborhoods.
                                                                  • I continue to expand my knowledge about my market.
            “NO ONE CARES HOW                                     • I consistently follow my sales process.                      p p  Great Galleria location without the Galleria traffic!
                                                                                                                                 p p  Controlled access covered parking.
                                                                  • I do what I say I will do.
                MUCH YOU KNOW                                     • I honor 100% of my promises to my clients.                   p p  Completely remodeled building interiors.
                      UNTIL THEY                                  • I honor 100% of my promises to myself.                       p p  Proactive, hands on ownership since 1999.
                                                                  Yes, “Got Trust?” is today’s motto for those who wish to
               KNOW HOW MUCH                                    increase sales. This could possibly begin by just answering
                      YOU CARE.”                                the phone with a smile and asking that other person, “How
                                                                may I support you today?” N
              People buy first on emotion and
            then justify that emotional decision                Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a clarity strategist, solving
                           with logic.                          people and process problems. As a thought leader who
                                                                challenges the status quo, she turns tomorrow’s goals
                                                                into today’s results. Follow her on Twitter @CoachLee.

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