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YOUR                                                          Yprofessionals but instead, “Got Trust?”

                                                                                 ears ago, there was an advertising
                                                                                 campaign with two simple words “Got
                                                                                 Milk?” Today that same campaign
                                                                                 could be used for business and sales
        TRUST                                                         trust. Some will say people buy from those they
                                                                         FACT: People buy from people they know and

                                                                      know, like, and trust. My father, a lifelong profes-
                                                                      sional salesperson, dispelled that belief when he
                                                                      defined “like” as someone he would bring home
                                                                      for dinner. In my experience, I have purchased
                                                                      from people I “know” and “trust”. However, I would
        POINTS                                                            Per the Gallup 2019 Poll on America’s Most &
                                                                      not bring some of those individuals home for
                                                                      dinner. Like is a very fluid word in comparison to
                                                                      the words know and trust. Hence, the word like
                                                                      is potentially not the best word to use within the
                                                                      guidelines of buying.

        ARE?                                                          Least Trusted Professions, professions involved in
                                                                      business and sales are among the least trusted. Let
                                                                      us not forget everyone is in sales. The difference is
                                                                      some receive direct dollars for their “selling” activi-
                                                                      ties while others receive more “indirect” dollars.
                                                                         The same poll by Gallup in 2020 indicated those
                                                                      in the lowest tiers lost additional “trust points”.
                                                                         Selling or sales is a matter of perspective. Very
                                                                      rarely does one think one’s health care providers
         By Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S.                               are selling us anything. We internally believe their
                                                                      recommendations are for one’s good because these
                                                                      individuals are health care experts. Of course,

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