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sometimes we may not accept the recommendation(s) and   (honest  interactions; phonies need not apply), Logic (believ-
         seek a second opinion. Seeking another opinion is essen-  ing in other’s solutions,competence, and/or knowledge),
         tially seeking another salesperson.                    and Empathy (demonstrating care).
            Two of the biggest expenses people make in their life-  President Teddy Roosevelt was quoted as saying “No
         times are cars and houses. The 2019 Gallup Poll rated car   one cares how much you know until they know how much
         salespeople with an exceptionally low ranking of 44% and 8%   you care.” People buy first on emotion and then justify that
         very high rating in terms of honesty and ethical standards.   emotional decision with logic. Empathy is probably the
         Real estate agents also had an extremely low rating of   most critical driver because authenticity and logic follow
         19% and a 25% very high rating. Both of these professions   the buyer’s reaction to your empathy.
         scored higher than Members of Congress who had a 58%     Much has been written about empathy. With regards
         very low rating and an 8% very high rating.            to sales, the works of Daniel Goleman should be required
            What is somewhat ironic is that Realtors® are required   reading for everyone in sales in respect to emotional intel-
         to take a Code of Ethics training every three (3) years and   ligence (EI). His published book Working with Emotional
         must adhere to those standards daily. Due to this require-  Intelligence is a primer on how to develop empathy and
         ment, one would think their rating would be higher.    strengthen one’s EI. Goleman specifically includes empa-
                                                                thy (awareness of others’ feelings, needs, and concerns)
            The two necessary questions to be asked by those in   as a social competence that determines how we handle
         sales are:                                             relationships. Sales are all about direct and/or indirect
            1: How does one build trust? , and                  relationships.
            2: How does one turn trust into actual dollars?       An interesting point Goleman made in his book was
                                                                about artificial empathy such as the sales clerk following
            In the May/June 2020 issue of the Harvard Business   you around and making small talk just to gain a sale. This
         Review, the authors of “Begin with Trust” suggested there   artificial empathy has a direct and negative impact on
         are three core elements or “drivers” to trust: Authenticity   authenticity based on the research noted in his book.

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