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 MARKET         December 2020                                       NTOUCH

                                                                    Letter From the Publisher

            Debra Anthony
            Managing Editor                  Saying goodbye to 2020!
 I Fire Alarm Systems  David Young
            Associate Editor                 What a year! Despite the pandemic, this year flew by fast. Not in the way we
 I Fire Extinguishers and Hoses   Mandy Perret  envisioned and, frankly, not in the way anyone could have expected with the

            Designer                         unforeseen devastation among many businesses and livelihoods.
 I Access Control Systems  Tanya Bäck        Looking back, I want to personally thank all our writers that have contributed
 I Electronic Locks                          this year and in years past. To all our great advertisers and clients, thank you
                                             for your continued loyalty. To our readers, keep enjoying and sharing our
 I CCTV/Surveillance Cameras   Phone         digital publication. To our NBIZ team, you are the engine that makes everything
            832-766-1546                     happen!
 I Digital Video Recording                   To all of our readers, may we count our blessings as we move into 2021 with hope
 EXPERIENCED   Website                       and courage to keep adapting to the unforeseen challenges. Here’s a toast to you!
 AND LICENSED  I UL Monitoring  Corporate Address    Be safe. Be well. Keep aspiring to new goals.
            PO Box 6352                      Cheers!
 Our technicians are experienced   Katy, TX
 with all fi re alarm systems including
 Gamewell-FCI, Notifi er, EST, FireLite,   NBIZ Magazine is published   Debra Anthony, Publisher

 Silent Knight, FCI (Fire Control Instruments),   six times per year. All articles
 Honeywell Ademco, Vigilant, and others.  and advertising represent the
            opinions of the authors and
            advertisers and not necessarily
 713-468-3573  the opinion of the publisher.  The information contained               To all of you,
            herein has not been verified  for accuracy, and its inclu-         from all of us at NBIZ …
            sion should not be construed                         Merry Christmas
            as the publisher’s endorse-
            ment of the products, ser-                          & Happy New Year
            vices, or articles presented.                           to you and your family.
            No part of  NBIZ Magazine
            and NBIZ Website’s content
            may  be  reproduced in any
            form without written permis-
            sion from the publisher.
 (FRONT L TO R) Curtis Carsey
 and Carter Bruce
 (BACK L TO R) Verne Dipasca,
 Steven Sanders
 and Steve Carpenter
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