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conduct along with his/her emotional   companies retooled their business     nderstanding: To achieve a grasp of
        intelligence. With my clients and    model and production to supply what  Unature, significance, or explanation
        colleagues, I continue to share this   was needed during the COVID-19    of something. Returning to the very first
        simple definition of emotional intelli-  pandemic. Zoom and other online   word, gauge, in GRIT, understanding is
        gence as “the ability to recognize and   platforms became a new tool to connect   the behavior after the situation has been
        understand another person's emotions,   with clients when air travel was non-ex-  gauged. Without investing the time to
        the ability to recognize and understand   istent and/or extremely limited. Again,   accurately gauge the situation, attempt-
        your emotions, and then being able to   my colleague, Nancy Proffitt, brought   ing to understand it from a behavioral
        manage both.” When people behave     forth this question at an October 2020   perspective is far more difficult and may
        with a strong foundation of emotional   Zoom Conference sponsored by the   lead to poor decisions.
        intelligence, one of the outcomes is   Trusted Advisors Network for execu-
        people are then genuine and perceived   tive coaches and consultants: “What   irect: To proceed from one point to
        by others as kind and courteous.     can I do now?” This question embodies  Danother in time or space without
                                             this behavior of being timely.      deviation or interruption. How often
            ighteous: To act in accord with                                      do our behaviors appear to be done
        Rthe divine or moral law. This is the                                    haphazardly? Those around from
        actual definition of this word. Unfor-                                   employees to even family members and
        tunately, when many hear the word                                        friends may find our behaviors to be
        “righteous,” there is a presumption the                                  indirect and therefore indecisive. When
        person is being egotistical because of                                   one understands the desired results
        how this word has been misunderstood                                     and behaves with graciousness, one
        and misused for many years. When                                         can be direct without being insensitive.
        we are righteous, our behaviors are in                                   During any “New Reality”, leaders
        alignment with our religious beliefs,                                    must demonstrate directness and
        government laws, and/or our code of                                      confidence so that decisions can be
        moral behaviors. How we display being                                    executed to ensure achievement of the
        “righteous” is aligned with how others   TRUE GRIT                       desired result. If leaders do not have
        see our integrity.                                                       confidence in their decisions, how can
                                                    is making a                  those who follow have any confidence?
            ttentive: To take heed, giving
        Aclose and thoughtful attention.           decision and                     nergize: To put forth energy. Of
        Being attentive has always been a         standing by it,                E all the behaviors in GRATITUDE,
        behavior present when one displays                                       this is possibly the most important
        gratitude. When one is attentive, one   doing what must                  one. For without energy, all behaviors
        places the focus on others and not            be done.                   appear to be akin to “wet noodles.”
        on one’s self. During the transition                                     Those with GRIT have what appears
        from the current reality to the “New                                     to be ceaseless energy. They are like
        Reality”, it is imperative to be aware                                   the “Energizer bunny” who keeps
        of changing demand and attitudes.     mplicit: To be without doubt, abso-  going and going and going. To have
        By demonstrating this behavior of    Ilute. The “Doubt Attitude” of “Would   this energy demands the attitude
        being attentive, those with GRIT are   I? Could I? Should I?” can quickly   of tenacity.
        supporting others because they are   erode and eventually destroy any      As 2020 turns into 2021 and we
        active listeners using their ears, eyes,   decision. Those with GRIT go forward   experience this “New Reality” as others
        and their hearts while responding with   in confidence when a decision is made.   have done before us and will do after
        gracious behaviors.                                                      us, GRIT and GRATITUDE will take
                                                act: To be sensitive about what to   on a new meaning for each individual.
            imely: To come in early or at the   Tdo or say to maintain good rela-  And I wish to leave the reader with
        Tright time (opportune). During      tions with others. There has been much   these words from my colleague, Doug
        this current climate, those with GRIT   disagreement with regards to COVID-  Brown, “Let us lead with our hearts
        have already gauged the current and   19, the 2020 election, public policy,   and not with our wallets.” N
        potential changes as well as the poten-  etc., and what actions need to be taken.
        tial impact(s) from those changes. If   People have opposing viewpoints. This   Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a clarity
        one is lucky, the changes may come at   is when the stated behavior of “we   strategist, solving people and process
        the right time, and the business owner   agree to disagree” is necessary because   problems. As a thought leader who
        can see an opportune moment to pivot   people with integrity do not want to   challenges the status quo, she turns
        one’s business to meet the changing   compromise their values yet still want   tomorrow’s goals into today’s results.
        needs of society. For example, some   to maintain good relations with others.   Follow her on Twitter @CoachLee.

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