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        By Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S.

        J   In reflection of 2020, it has been an   auge: To estimate or determine   ntegrity: To speak to the soundness
        unusual year, to say the least. Between  Gthe magnitude, amount, or volume  Iof mind and adherence to the code of
        the expanding economy switching      of. To make a sound decision requires   moral, artistic, or other values. Years
        to a contracting economy due to      individuals to gauge what is happen-  ago, I heard this definition of integrity
        COVID-19 and the election, sometimes   ing around them. Research through   as doing the right thing when no one
        small business owners and leaders, in   observation and evaluation is neces-  else is looking. Some examples include
        general, did not know which way is up.   sary so one’s decision will have them   realtors who have their own Code of
        For those who survived, and continue   ahead of the flow instead of behind,   Ethics, or companies that have their
        to survive, even if they are just holding   thereby allowing individuals to take   Value Statements, and/or individuals
        on by their fingertips, it seems this   advantage of a situation instead of just   that live by the Golden Rule or even the
        year has captured what Americans call   coping with it.                  Ten Commandments.
        GRIT and GRATITUDE.
           One definition of GRIT is “firmness   esilience: To recover and adjust.   enacity: To do what needs to be
        of the mind.” In one of my favorite   RWhen significant changes are      Tdone demands holding fast, being
        movies, True Grit, John Wayne        happening during the decision-making   persistent, and courageous. When
        as Rooster Cogburn makes this        process, the ability to recover and   one is unsure of the next step or what
        statement:                           adapt is critical. This mindset helps   the future may hold, standing by any
           “True grit is making a decision and   one to not be stifled by a potential   decision is not for the faint of heart.
        standing by it, doing what must be done.”   misfortune during turbulent times but   During times of unknown and unex-
           For me, this statement raises three   to be prepared and willing to adjust.   pected change, those who persevere
        questions: (1) What mindset (think   These four statements (courtesy of   also demonstrate the behaviors of
        attitude) goes into making a decision?   Nancy Proffitt, professional business   GRATITUDE and reinforce the GRIT
        (2) What ethics, values, or beliefs, must   coach and consultant) may encourage   mindset. Recognizing these behaviors
        be present? (3) What behaviors turn   personal resilience:               along with values and/or beliefs that
        that mindset into action? These three   1.  Accept the challenge or change  are integrated with this word of GRATI-
        questions had me researching dictio-   2.  Do not let the challenge or   TUDE may help one understand GRIT.
        naries seeing what could define these,     change define you
        and I realized the letters in GRIT as   3.  Invest in reflection time before   racious: To be kind, courteous.
        well as GRATITUDE answered all             taking new actions            GThis specific behavior is strongly
        three questions.                       4.  Have gratitude                aligned to one’s individual code of

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