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From five decades of professional sales experience,    sale. Hence, we again return to this strategy often. But,
        I have encountered all these aspects within the industries   being strategic in our communication, be it verbal or
        of warehouse distribution, training and development for   written, is essential to increase sales.
        leadership and sales, executive coaching, and now real   Possibly the KISS Theory had some influence
        estate. If I go back further when I worked in my father’s   on sales scripts, which in many instances come off
        sundry store at the very young age of 11, these aspects   emotionally cold and distant. Zig Ziglar said, “Sales is
        were also present.                                     the transference of feelings.” Again, returning to Maltz’s
           The other key aspect of Mr. Maltz’s presentation is his   earlier statement of “thought and knowledge,” are
        contention that “consciously or unconsciously, epistemology   feelings, not thoughts?
        guides everything that we do (beyond the physically      An agreement that one’s knowledge (think
        reflexive). If we render his words down to their basic   experiences) has embedded itself into our thoughts
        elements, I believe what he is saying words matter because   is needed. Ziglar also stated, “Attitudes are habits of
        how we use words is either conscious or unconscious.   thought.” In sales professional experiences, one is aware
           His contention ties into emotional intelligence and   that one’s attitudes and those of the clients can either
        how words have meaning to others. Remember earlier      increase or decrease sales.
        Maltz stated “perception”? Emotional intelligence                     I recently attended a real estate con-
        is how others perceive the words we used                                ference and both keynote speakers
        based upon their own experiences.                                          focused on increasing sales.
        Emotional intelligence travels                                                They received a loud round
        beyond perception into how we                                                   of applause, yet I wondered
        manage those perceptions both                                                     if others in attendance
        others and our own.                                                                understood the subcon-
           In sales, understanding                        “                                 scious ramifications of
        the emotional perception                                                             statements like “make
        of what I call “judgmental               Remember, the “KISS”                         more money” or
        belief” that is carried within         theory of Keep It Simple                       “bring in those
        each word is essential to                                                              big bucks?”
        earning a successful sale.               and Short? The more                             Would those
        For example, ponder the                   words one uses, the                          thoughts increase
        word “need.” In sales, there               greater likelihood                          sales or turn into
        is much discussion about                                                               attitudes, which
        “wants versus needs.”                     to create additional                        when not balanced
           Yet, how the word “need”            problems, which in turn                       with emotional
        is used can be viewed rather                 derail the sale.                        intelligence and
        negatively. Remember your                                                          positive core beliefs,
        parents may have said “You                                                        turn potential buyers
        need to make your bed” or “You                                                  off? How often have we
        need to get better grades.” The word                                          been turned off by “pushy
        need may carry a negative thought                                           salespeople”? If one reflects,
        and this thought may be based upon one’s                                 many of those interactions lack
        knowledge and have a judgmental element to it.                       emotional intelligence because the
        One may consciously or even unconsciously react to this      salesperson was more concerned about making
        word when he/she hears “You need to…”.                 money than the buyer.
           To avoid this mostly subconscious negative reaction,   Yes, Halloween is a scary time for some scrambling to
        one can replace the word need with “You may wish       meet sales goals. And for others who have achieved or will
        to consider…”. Now, the seller is asking permission    soon achieve their goals, it is relaxing since the next two
        which is viewed as being emotionally intelligent and is   months are just more icing on that Halloween cupcake.
        seen as a suggestion and not a demand. When sellers      As we move closer to the end of 2021, please consider
        incorporate emotional intelligence into his/her sales   re-thinking how you may think about strategy, strategic
        conversations, he/she accepts those conversations may   thinking, and planning. Now is the time to build a
        be longer as we are using more words. Using more       strategic plan so next year, you can smile instead of
        words may violate some sales training we have or       saying, “Boo HooHoo!” N
        instructions from our leadership/management but can
        be effective.                                          Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a clarity strategist, solving
           Remember, the “KISS” theory of Keep It Simple and   people and process problems. As a thought leader who
        Short? The more words one uses, the greater likelihood   challenges the status quo, she turns tomorrow’s goals
        to create additional problems, which in turn derail the   into today’s results. Follow her on Twitter @CoachLee.

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