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alloween once again graces our yearly        The two keywords for anyone involved in sales are
                       celebrations. Children with their masks    THINKING and PLANNING. These two words start
                       and costumes may be going door to door     within a STRATEGIC PLAN. What is interesting is
                       squealing, “Trick or Treat”. Adults may    the word origin of the word strategy. This common
           Hattend Halloween parties telling other                word is Greek (strategos) and means general.
           masked attendees, “Boo, Hoo, Who?”                     Understanding the etymology of this word is essential
              Yes, Halloween is a scary time of the year for some,   to being successful in sales.
           given there are only two more months to finish the       At the 20  Annual Strategy Conference for the
           2021 year and meet the BHAG sales goals. Some may be   U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, PA on April 17,
           thinking “boo, hoo, hoo” or crying in their cups as they   2009, Richard Maltz presented “The Epistemology of
           look at their sales production results and realize they   Strategy.” In this presentation he said:
           are far short.                                           “The question of epistemology in strategy is a very
              To avoid the annual “spraying and praying           broad one, inasmuch as all aspect of military activity,
           behavior” that still seems quite popular, (the concept of   including Strategy, involve perception, thought,
           hurrying one’s actions by spraying them all over the   and knowledge. This includes every aspect of Policy,
           place and then praying something will stick earning    Culture, Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material,
           you a sale), one needs a thinking plan. President      Leadership, Personnel, and even Facilities (or as I call
           Dwight Eisenhower said, “Plans are worthless, but      it, ‘PDCOTMLPF’).”
           planning is everything.” His words are honest wisdom     Additionally, one should be aware of and be able
           given his phenomenal success with logistics during     to answer questions in regards to these aspects:
           World War II as well as establishing our Interstate    Policy (What is the for the company and our clients?);
           Highway System here in the United States.              Culture (What is one’s business culture and of his/
              Successful logistics is about moving something from   her clients?); Organizations (Who decides to buy?);
           point A to point B with the greatest efficiency (doing   Training (What training has the salespearson had?);
           things right) and effectiveness (doing the right thing).   Material (What material, think marketing, do we
           The logistical process shares many common elements     leave or provide to the clients?); Leadership (Who
           with the sales process.                                are our sales leaders (management) and who are
              In logistics, the planner must THINK about how      the leaders for our clients?); Personnel (What other
           he or she will transport or move something. This       personnel are involved on both sides of the sales
           THINKING involves what is being moved; the type        transaction?); and Facilities (How do facilities impact
           of transport; the time frame for getting from point    the sales transaction?)
           A to point Z; the actual route including delays;
           legal requirements such as 14-hour rule for truck
           drivers; the receiving end’s availability to receive the
           something; and last but not least, the cost efficiency
           and effectiveness of the plan.
              When one looks at the criteria involved in logistical
           planning, much of it can be equated to sales factors.
           For example, in real estate, the buyer’s agent must
           know about any contingencies (what is being moved,                         “
           think sold by the buyers, before the current transaction              To avoid this mostly
           can be moved, think sold by the sellers to the buyers).        subconscious negative reaction,
           Scheduling may include inspections and/or appraisals              one can replace the word
           and both may come with delays. Sometimes there
           are legalities to work through if the property is                need with “You may wish to
           being merged with another contingent parcel. As to               consider…”.  Now, the seller
           availability, this may involve the buyer’s loan. Listing         is asking permission which is
           agents also must THINK through the listing process               viewed as being emotionally
           when touring the home and looking for obstacles that                intelligent and is seen
           may prevent an offer.                                                as a suggestion and
              In simpler terms, those earning their living by selling
           either products or solutions, must move the customer or                 not a demand.
           client toward purchasing his/her products or solutions.
           Good salespeople will address potential obstacles (sales
           objections) before they rear their usually ugly heads. The
           salesperson will provide alternate routes (solutions) as
           well as the availability of what is being sold.

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