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           My first successful house sale came because the      that she had changed her attitude and was no longer
        realtor promised to meet the client at a designated time   angry about her situation. Yes, she did not buy or list a                                   YOU, LOOK TO COTTON GDS
        and failed to show up. This realtor also failed to answer   property with me, however, if and when she does decide
        her phone when called. The buyer, now my client, called   to sell her property, I am fairly convinced she will call me.
        me and I showed up within a few hours to show the       Additionally, when given the opportunity, I am sure she
        property. Then, we engaged in a longer-term relationship   will make a referral for me and my services.
        and she and her husband bought another property.          Zig Ziglar said, “Sales is the transference of feelings.”         HURRICANE SEASON CAN BE CHALLENGING, BUT YOU’RE
           Sometimes in the state of being busy, one fails to   Returning to the acronym “CLEAR”, emotions are
        honor one’s promises. The promise slips off one’s daily   feelings. Even during super busy times, it is important to              NOT ALONE. WHILE YOU HELP YOUR TENANTS, LET
        plate. A day or so later, one may notice it. Now, one   stop and listen. Even though people have many important
        must decide to have the courage to call up the customer   tasks to undertake, one must stop and note what's around                 COTTON GLOBAL DISASTER SOLUTIONS HANDLE
        and tell him or her the truth. Yes, this is not an easy   or even just listen to another person. The conversation
        task because no one wants to admit failure. However,    may not end up in "a sale", but it is important that one has                    POST STORM CLEANUP AND RESTORATION.
        admitting to failure may begin to rebuild that lost trust.   helped another human, and by doing this, transferred
           For example, as I was writing this article, I received   trust and care to the client. What is important is having
        a phone call from a new lead. She started asking about   helped another human and by transferring those feelings,
        a specific property that I had listed. I informed her   one has shown care. President Teddy Roosevelt said, “No
        the property was pending, and then, she just started    one cares how much you know until they know how much
        talking. During our hour conversation, I learned a lot   you care.”
        about her. When we ended the conversation, she shared     By demonstrating that one cares, one may also have
                                                                the opportunity to educate others. During my recent
                                                                conversations, I was able to educate myself on particular
                                                                facts about rural Arizona real estate. For me educating
           FOR                                                  prospects, is a habit that others should practice. One
                                                                should genuinely want an educated buyer because this
           SUCCESSFUL                                           sales skill builds trust through knowledge of the solution.
                                                                  Even though the definition of trust does not include
                                                                courage, at the end of the day, courage is what separates
           SALES                                                successful salespeople, successful employees, and suc-
                                                                cessful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones. Winston
                                                                Churchill was quoted as saying, “courage is the ability to
           INDIVIDUALS,                                         go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”
                                                                  In sales, especially during critical times when com-
                                                                missions are being cut, more competitors are entering
           he/she has learned                                   the market, and buyers are more educated, courage is
                                                                essential. Maintaining enthusiasm is not easy after work-
           how to balance his/her                               ing with a client for hours, and then he or she decides to
                                                                go with another vendor.
                                                                  Courage is also having the ability to say “No.” How
           time with customers                                  often does one have customers who are time wasters?
                                                                They drain one’s time and, in turn, money. For successful
           against one’s own                                    sales individuals, he/she has learned how to balance his/

                                                                her time with customers against one’s own productivity
           productivity time.                                   time. They have learned how to say no and, often, that
                                                                means firing the sales lead or client.
           They have learned                                      At the end of the day, people face the same sales

                                                                problems regardless of industry because of one consis-
           how to say no and, often,                            tent element – human beings. How one adjusts one’s
                                                                sales skills including that breadth of interpersonal
           that means firing the                                skills while maintaining one’s ethics, will ultimately               BOARD UP & ROOF TARPING | DEBRIS REMOVAL | CONSTRUCTION
                                                                determine one’s success in sales and life. N                           ROOF REPAIRS & REPLACEMENTS| WATER DAMAGE MITIGATION
           sales lead or client.                                Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a clarity strategist, solving

                                                                people and process problems. As a thought leader who
                                                                challenges the status quo, she turns tomorrow’s goals
                                                                into today’s results. Follow her on Twitter @CoachLee.                 CALL OUR 24 HOUR HOTLINE
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