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                                                            By Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S.

                                                                        unny thing about life, people appear to find
                                                                        the same problems regardless of location,
                                                                              employment, or industry. When I moved
                                                                               here from NW Indiana to NW Arizona,
                                                                              I immediately discovered the local
                                                                        economy has the same problems that NW Indiana
                                                                        was experiencing.
                                                                           I noted during this move while entering a
                                                                        new industry that once again, the same sales
                                                                        problems surfaced. Of course, I had the belief
                                                                        since the real estate industry had a Code of
                                                                        Ethics along with a stipulation that every
                                                                        two years Realtors™ must take continuing
                                                                        education specific to the Code of Ethics, ethics
                                                                        would not be a problem. Boy, was I mistaken.

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