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goal. Overcoming each obstacle moves   healthy immune systems. This recom-  One of the tools to focus on what
        the individual closer to achieving his/  mendation has been echoed by other   one can control is using Socrates three
        her goals.                          doctors and health organizations.    filters of truth. The first filter is “What
           Positive affirmations also support   Time management also helps keep   you say truthful?” Filter number two
        successful goal achievement from a   one from “running on empty.” Firstly,   is “What you say kind?” And, the final
        mental perspective and are similar   time management is an oxymoron      filter is “What you say necessary?”
        to a fuel additive for a car. When one   because no one can manage a constant.   When we can say “Yes” to each filter,
        reaffirms what he/she wants to be in   Self-leadership and having a mental   those “Yeses” keep us on track. For
        the present tense, one strengthens his/  planning attitude helps one handle   myself, the third filter is the one that
        her existing fuel (think energy) and   time management. “Running behind”   I usually have the greatest difficulty
        works towards his/her vision.       leads people to incorrectly manage   saying “yes” to. By saying unnecessary
           During times of uncertainty, there   themselves  efficiently (doing things   things, I am on the hamster’s wheel of
        is a tendency to not listen to one’s   right) and effectively (doing the right   “beyond my control.” This wheel adds
        body. One’s physical health can con-  thing). Again, one’s values come into   to my stress and keeps me from being
        tribute to truly “running on empty.” If   play because one chooses to not leading   focused on what I need to get done.
        this happens, one may want to assess   with his/her values, and instead might   This leads me to the result of “running
        his/her sleeping habits. The National   be responding to the values or influ-  into the sun, but running blind.”
        Sleep Foundation suggests those     ence of others.                        Through my self-analysis, what
        between the ages of 26-64 should       How often are people “running on   I have learned is that “running on
        sleep for 7-9 hours while those 65 plus   empty” because they ran out of time?   empty” many times is the result of not
        require 7-8 hours. These recommenda-  Even those who appear to have their   knowing what individuals do well.
        tions are based on research from other   time under control may still have gaps.   Human beings are for the most part
        organizations including the American   Focusing on what one cannot control   negatively conditioned from early
        Neurological Association and the    can lead to one of these gaps. When one   childhood. The “Don’ts” lead people to
        American Physiological Society.     feels there is nothing he/she can do, it   think he/she can’t. Then one will try
           With the COVID pandemic, main-   drains one’s physical, emotional, and   to overcome what one can’t do and, in
        taining strong immune systems has   mental energies. One needs to focus on   turn, fail to see what one can do.
        resurfaced as a priority. An Associate   what one can control such as physical,   From my executive coaching
        Professor of Dietetics and Nutrition   mental, and spiritual well-being. Also fo-  practice, I can accurately state over
        from Florida International University   cusing on what one cannot control adds   97% of my clients know what they can’t
        suggested these two (2) vitamins of C   to one’s stress levels and works against   do well and less than 25% of my clients
        and D and the mineral of zinc support   the desired result of “running on full.”   know with crystal clarity what they
                                                                                 can do well. Think about the impact
                                                                                 of those numbers. If we are running
                                                                                 on empty, what will energize us, get
                                                                                 us back on track? What we don’t do
                                                                                 well or what we do well? For me and
                                                            <25%                 my clients, knowing our talents and

                                                            know what            working with those talents instead of
                                                                                 turning our non-talents into weak-
                                                            CAN do well          nesses makes far more sense. With
                                                                                 some of my clients, this knowledge
                   >97%                                                          of what they do well was a dramatic
                  know what they                                                 turning point and they saw a positive
                                                                                 change in just 24 to 48 hours.
                   CAN’T do well                                                   Yes, running on empty is no fun.
                                                                                 However, the words of Henry Ford
                                                                                 may light the spark to get you to
                                                                                 “running on full.” “Whether you think
              From my executive coaching practice, I can                         you can, or you think you cannot, you
         accurately state over 97% of my clients know what                       are right.” N
         they can’t do well and less than 25% of my clients                      Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a clarity

          know with crystal clarity what they can do well.                       strategist, solving people and process
                                                                                 problems. As a thought leader who
              Think about the impact of those numbers.                           challenges the status quo, she turns
                                                                                 tomorrow’s goals into today’s results.
                                                                                 Follow her on Twitter @CoachLee.

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