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What would happen if one began by
        understanding one’s purpose? Why is
        one here at this moment? The On-Pur-
        pose Person, a book by Kevin McCarthy,
        suggests being on purpose is having the
        light switch on, and being off purpose is
        having that same light switch off.
           Thinking about this simple concept,
        what makes one’s switch go on? And
        conversely, what makes one’s switch go
        off? When your light switch is on, there
        is energy and light; one can see where
        he/she is going and not “running
        blind” into the night.
           After one discovers and rediscovers
        one’s purpose, then he/she should ar-
        ticulate one’s values. In many instanc-
        es, what one values may also be one’s
        talents. For example, if one values
        integrity, then one’s interactions will
        demonstrate that integrity. Within
        those interactions, people view integ-
        rity as a strength. This is especially     So often people fail to ignore what is right
        true in the professional world of sales.    in front of them and continue to do what
        People buy from people they know and
        trust. Writing down one’s values into     he/she have always done. The results never
        a “Value Statement,” reinforces one’s       change except the continued draining of
        purpose and helps to keep one from
        “running on empty.”                        one’s energy, one’s mental acuity, and one’s
           Next, one should think: where does
        he/she see the “light”? This is one’s         emotions.  Leaving people  “running on
        vision, the vanishing light on the hori-    empty, running blind, running into the sun
        zon where one’s purpose walks with
        them. In many instances, one’s vision                     but running behind.”
        may change because one’s personal
        and/or professional life changes.
           Once one understands with clarity
        his/her purpose, values, and vision,   Ethics and Beliefs. Additionally, when   to Purpose, Values, Vision and Mission,
        then one should write his/her mission.   one’s mental acuity suffers, often so   Realistically High and -Time-Driven)
        For some, this may be two missions,   does one’s physical health.        criteria. By including these criteria
        one personal and one professional,     As to one’s professional life wheel,   within each goal, it will help to ensure
        which requires balance because a     there are six areas including Time   goal achievement.
        personal life off balance impacts one’s   Management, Inter-Personal Skills,   One aspect of goal planning,
        professional life.                   Leadership, Production Management,   setting, and achievement that is often
           Buddha understood and framed the   Team Player (relationships), and   lacking is emotions. Achieving a goal
        concept of balance in our lives. Today   Organizational Skills. There is also a   is far more of an emotional satisfaction
        one’s life is more like two wheels united   counterbalance within this wheel such   than an intellectual one. When we
        with an axle. Each wheel has different   as when Time Management is suffer-  emotionalize the goal by writing down
        spokes separating the various aspects   ing Production Management takes a   all the pluses for achieving the goal
        of one’s life.                       negative hit.                       and all the minuses for not achieving
           One’s personal life has eight areas   With change happening at what   the goal, it helps to build the emotion-
        in between the spokes: Purpose,      almost appears to be the speed of   al fuel necessary to continue work
        Mental, Career, Family, Ethics and   light, writing a mission statement   towards successful goal completion.
        Beliefs, Physical, Financial, and Social.   probably should only be for one year.   Additionally, planning includes
        I believe there is a counterbalance   There should be goals written using   identifying all the known and un-
        also in play. For example, when one’s   the WAY SMART (Written, Actionable,   known (potential) obstacles that may
        Purpose is off, it may impact one’s   Yours, Specific, Measureable, Aligned   interfere in the achievement of the

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