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By Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S.

                                                                               he New Year has come and gone. 2021 has
                                                                               begun with the same uncertainty as 2020
                                                                        Tended. Many are feeling like they are still
                                                                        “Running on empty, running on blind, running
                                                                        into the sun, but running behind” as Jackson
                                                                        Browne’s old song so aptly understood.
                                                                           The question remains how to refill one’s
                                                                        empty tank and keep it filled during times of
                                                                        uncertainty and/or crazy busy times. Much of the
                                                                        answer to this question lies within one’s attitudes
                                                                        as well as understanding one’s physical body. So
                                                                        often people fail to ignore what is right in front
                                                                        of them and continue to do what he/she has
                                                                        always done. The results never change except the
                                                                        continued draining of one’s energy, one’s mental
                                                                        acuity, and one’s emotions. This leaves people
                                                                        “running on empty, running blind, running into
                                                                        the sun but running behind.”


        ON EMPTY

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