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TRYING TO CAPTURE                                                     Ask About

          YOUR CLIENTS                                                          Ask about our Boots on the

          WITH MARKETING?                                                       Ground Marketing Programs
                                                                                that have effectively increased
                                                                                our clients’ brands and
                                                                                footprints in the market.
                                                                                Hands-on marketing that
                                                                                targets and captures your
                                                                                clients. Working with
           Why Choose Us                                                        management and your sales

           Reach customers before they need you; when they                      team to effectively drive
           are not looking for you. NBIZ Marketing develops                     bottom-line results.
           winning business strategies for a diversity of
           companies seeking marketing solutions.                              Let’s Connect

           J Corporate Events

           J Data Mining

           J Graphic Design
           J Video Production                                                         Debra Anthony

           J Boots on the Ground Marketing Programs                                     832-766-1546

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