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known as sales. Then there are people   could deliver 80% of your results, what   of the easiest observations is gossiping
        within the organization when asked   impact would this have on aspects of   at the water cooler. Now with remote
        what their role is will respond, “I’m in   one’s business? Would your market-  working, those behaviors have been     SPRING INTO
        sales.” Meaning these individuals are   ing investment decrease? Could you   redirected to personal phone calls or
        salespersons.                       redirect your marketing savings to new   texts between employees.
           Sales is a threefold process of   technology or other aspects to improve   Being in real estate for now twelve
        marketing, selling, and keeping. The   your overall business results?    minutes (actually just over 3 years), I      ACTION WITH
        result of marketing is having potential   People are the third area for which   have witnessed both positive and neg-
        customers walk through your brick-  business owner(s) should apply the   ative attitudes. The two most frequent
        and-mortar door or connect with one’s   20/80 or 80/20 rule. Right now, can you   comments I continue to receive from
        company/business via text, email, or   identify what people deliver 80% of your   my clients are “Boy, you answered the   COTTON GDS
        telephone. Selling is the actual effort   results, your profits? Another question   phone” and “You are the first Realtor™
        to convert the sales lead(s) to a paying   is what people consume 80% of your   to return my call.” In times of plenty,
        customer. Finally, keeping ensures the   time?                           many in sales fail to understand the
        customer returns and is the source of   Currently, the word “culture” is   importance of maintaining a consistent
        new sales referrals.                very visible in business. Culture for me   professional and positive attitude.
           In sales, it is said referrals are   is the sum of all attitudes (“habits of   Another aspect related to people is   With spring well underway and
        King or Queen. What would happen    thought” per Zig Ziglar) within any or-  performance. As a business owner, do
        if your existing clients would deliver   ganization that is displayed in observ-  you have the right people in the right   hurricane season fast
        one or two referrals each year? Could   ables behaviors. What I have witnessed   seats, securing the right results? One
        your new sales referrals now account   is a big disconnect between the culture   of the processes to determine people’s   approaching, keep Cotton
        for 80% of new sales? If your referrals   and the firm’s “values” or “ethics.” One   performance, as well as to enhance that
                                                                                 performance, is using psychometric           Global Disaster Solutions in
                                                                                 assessments which can clarify indi-
                                                                                 viduals’ attitudes to behaviors. The         mind when having to address
       Recently, I read an article that challenged                               DISC profile, as well as the Hartman
                                                                                 Index, are both exceptional tools to         weather-related damages on
       business leaders to evaluate their marketing                              assess the potential and existing
                                                                                 performance of individuals. Other            your property.
       efforts by applying the 20/80 rule. This author                           assessment tools such as the Values
       took an unusual path and asked what would                                 Index as well as Emotional Intelligence
                                                                                 assessments bring additional clarity to
       happen to one’s marketing results if one began                            an individual.
                                                                                   What I have discovered is over 98% of
       to reverse this principle? The author suggested                           people I have assessed, know what their      We specialize in the following:
       assessing current marketing actions (80%)                                 weaknesses are and yet, less than 2%
                                                                                 know what their strengths are. Those
       and then redirecting those efforts to those                               who know their weaknesses focus their        • Water mitigation after floods or roof leaks
                                                                                 energies on improving those weakness-
       actions that delivered better results.                                    es while ignoring their strengths. Just      • Mold remediation to eliminate or prevent spores
                                                                                 imagine what would happen to their
                                                                                 performance (think results) if these         • Roof repairs following hailstorms
                                                                                 same individuals would redirect their
                                                                                 efforts to leveraging their strengths?
                                                                                   Yes, the 20/80 rule is essential to        • Structural repairs required after a storm
                                                                                 apply to one’s business whether it is
                                                                                 exceedingly small or exceptionally
                                                                                 large. With the year now one-fourth
                                                                                 over, assessing your business with this
                                                                                 20/80 rule may indeed become your
                                                                                 competitive advantage. N

                                                                                 Leanne Hoagland-Smith is a clarity
                                                                                 strategist, solving people and process
                                                                                 problems. As a thought leader who
                                                                                 challenges the status quo, she turns                        WE'RE AVAILABLE 24/7 AND READY TO ASSIST
                                                                                 tomorrow’s goals into today’s results.
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