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                        April 2020                                  Letter From the Publisher

            Debra Anthony
            Managing Editor                  It’s the beginning of the second quarter and we are excited to
            David Young                      roll out our April e-edition!
            Associate Editor                    In this issue, we hope you enjoy the following articles and please let us know if
            Mandy Perret
                                             there are any article topics you would like us to write about in future editions.
            Designer                            If you are a landlord, tenant or property management company this is a
            Tanya Bäck
                                             read for you. Commercial Tenant’s Abandoned Property. It is one thing to
                                             find a tenant’s premises abandoned. It is quite another to find the tenant gone
                                             but the premises still full of files, fixtures, furniture, and equipment. So, if
            Phone                            one’s tenant is gone and the premises is full of files, fixtures, furniture, and/or
            832-766-1546                     equipment, what does one do? What are the landlord’s rights in regards to this
                                             abandoned property?
                           We all remember the recent ‘big freeze’ in Texas all too well. In the article,
                                             The Cost of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events in Texas -- the number,
            Corporate Address                magnitude, and cost of weather disasters in the U.S. will continue to grow, citing
            PO Box 6352
            Katy, TX                         the combination of increased exposure (more humans and infrastructure at risk),
            77491-6352                       greater vulnerability (the amount of damage caused by hazards), and the higher
                                             frequency and magnitude of extreme events, caused by climate change, that lead
                                             to billion-dollar disasters.
            NBIZ Magazine is published          The role of 20/80 rule in business has been heard many times. The ideas are
            six times per year. All articles   reinforced in the article, Got the 20/80 Rule…and Still Clueless? Many may know
            and advertising represent the    the  Pareto Principle as the 20/80 rule, which suggests 20% of “whatever” delivers
            opinions of the authors and      80% of the results. Right now, can you identify what people deliver 80% of your
            advertisers and not necessarily    results, your profits? Another question is what people consume 80% of your time?
            the opinion of the publisher.       Plus, a brief State of Hiring Research Report: How Crisis Creates  Opportunity!
            The information contained        And, lastly a quick read, Key Economic Indicator is a great snapshot that
            herein has not been verified       highlights 11 Key Economic Indicators in the Houston market from aviation to
            for accuracy, and its inclu-     unemployment; noting the declines and upward swings.
            sion should not be construed
            as the publisher’s endorse-      Success!
            ment of the products, ser-
            vices, or articles presented.                                                               Advertise!
            No part of  NBIZ Magazine
            and NBIZ Website’s content
            may  be  reproduced in any       Debra Anthony, Publisher
            form without written permis-
            sion from the publisher.


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